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Aug. 16th, 2007


officially OVERdue!!

MY baby gaga updates (see profile) are LYING! the baby has NOT arrived!

I always saw August 16 as the cutoff date and now it's coming and going with no baby!

it's really weird to be pregnant and overdue. My phone is ringing off the hook from random people who want to know if I'm having contractions. lol

Jul. 31st, 2007


2 weeks and 2 days!!!


I am soo excited!! I am so huge and uncomfortable! I am scared! AHH!

Jul. 15th, 2007


4 weeks and 4 days left...

Went camping last weekend in Sedona and on Sunday I was relaxing and playing Scrabble with Tony's family while he fished with his cousins. When he got back I went to the bathroom for only the second time that day and noticed I was bleeding pretty continuously. I asked Alma what she thought I should do and she recommended i go to the hospital right away. so she, Tony and I and Tony's cousin Bro (who drove us) went to the closest hospital, which was in Flagstaff.

We went through the ER and I was immediately wheeled to L&D. They made me change into a hospital gown and hooked me up to an electronic fetal monitoring system. They took a urine sample and according to the monitoring system I was having contractions and didn't even recognize them. So they gave me a shot to stop the contractions, and another shot for the possibility that I had a UTI which was causing the bleeding (I've since been to the doctor and she said my urine was and has always been clean, so she assumes the bleeding was my uterine lining caused by the contractions). Apparently the baby and I were also dehydrated so I had to down a big glass of icewater. They also took some blood samples and since I'm RH negative had to determine if I needed another Rhogam shot (I had one at 28 weeks, but anything having to do w/bleeding and they have to doublecheck if you need another one). fortunately I didn't (phew! that shit hurts!) so they did an ultrasound to make sure everything placenta-related was okay (if it wasn't, that would have been another problem) but everything looked good and the baby is head down which is a definite good sign. They finally discharged me five hours after we got there with strict instructions not to do any lifting, cleaning, or driving long distances and to pretty much be couchridden while I'm not at work (which I explained was sedentary as I sit in a desk all day and type).

Tony and I drove straight home to Avondale that night and the next day I just relaxed; he made me breakfast in bed. it was a little alarming, the whole thing, and just made me realize how close my DD actually is...August 16!! geez...!!

I had an unscheduled visit to my doctor on Tuesday where she said if I have any more problems she won't hesitate to take me off work so I can take it easy the rest of my pregnancy. If we could afford that, it would be nice but...no such luck.

(speaking of the doctor visit, my belly measures 36 inches now, and my weight gain is 17.5 lbs. I lost a pound at my last visit but have since gained it back)

Anyway, since Tony cut his vacation short (he was supposed to camp until Tuesday; my emergency caused him to come home w/me two days early), he went up this weekend to get some outdoor time in w/his cousins, who stayed up there the rest of the week. I spent the entire day today washing baby stuff-I washed everything from 0-3 months, now I'm doing the receiving/crib blankets and tomorrow I'll do the crib sheets and burp cloths. I have a TON. But at least the baby detergent smells so good so everything will have that nice, clean scent.

I also mopped, cleaned the couches (leather + dogs = a pain), vacuumed the bedroom and living room, cleaned the bathroom, and did some serious picking up throughout the house, not to mention cooked for myself and washed dishes. And, I finally filled out all my baby shower thank you's. it took me a while, but it got done! but before you think 'oh my god, she's supposed to be couch ridden!'-I did do all of this slowly and made sure to listen to my body. I've had more Braxton Hicks the last few days just doing regular stuff like typing at my desk or driving to the store than I did today (actually, I had none today, but the baby is sticking her ass into the right side of my stomach, something she's been doing for a while and which really hurts. and plus, I'm super huge right now and just that on its own is pretty uncomfortable).

I got bored and took some pictures to try to compare them to my 33 week photos. Is there a difference? hmm...

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oh, I spoke too soon...the Braxton Hicks are returning. ugh. time for bed.

Jul. 3rd, 2007


(no subject)

just a little udpate...haven't had internet in a while, either at work or at home, so I haven't been able to check anything. Had my first baby shower w/my side of the family and Alma (Tony's mom) bought me a digital camera to replace the one that was stolen earlier this year. Thus, at 33w5d, I can post my first official belly pics:

BABY!Collapse )
Yup, der's a baby in der!

I gained 17 lbs but at my last doctor's appointment on Monday I'd lost a pound, putting me at 16 total. My belly is measuring 35 inches. we're starting to decorate the nursery, after much work here is what it looks like SO FAR:

Rainforest pack and play my parents got me

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I still have one more shower to attend, and other stuff to buy, so I'm sure the room/shelves will be a little 'fuller' when the baby comes. but considering when we moved in the walls were a dull mud color, and the wall behind the shelves was three different colors (apparently we are the only people ever to paint that room who actually REMOVED the shelves to do so) and it was used as Chuck's computer room (read: porn downloading center) for so long (Chuck finally moved out, by the way), I think the transformation is pretty amazing.

Jun. 7th, 2007


i want to nest but can't

Put together the crib and changing table last night. Seeing both in all their fully assembled glory makes me want to decorate like crazy and start folding baby clothes and putting out everything that's currently boxed up in our closet. But as we don't know where we're going to be living, I guess I have to wait on that...

all I want to do is decorate and go through crap and throw things away and clean. sigh...

Had my ultrasound today. the baby weighs 3.5 lbs, and is measuring right around 30 weeks, which I pretty much am give or take a day or two. They actually pushed my due date back two days to August 18 but said at this point a few days doesn't really matter.

so where did the whole Big Baby thing come from? Maybe because my stomach was measuring 33 inches instead of the normal 30? My weight gain has been normal and up until this point my stomach has always been in the normal size range. It did grow those 3 extra inches in just a few weeks so maybe that was the cause for concern? I really have no idea. I'll have to have the doctor explain it to me at next Monday's appointment, although then I'll be seeing my regular doctor (love her) and not the one I've seen my last two appointments (I guess they want you to meet at least one other doctor at the practice, but I only had to see her those two times and I have my regular doctor for the remainder of my pregnancy).

Anyway, it was a relief to get in so quickly and just clear things up. and if I'm being totally honest, I was a little disappointed to hear she won't be coming early. Not that I'm anything CLOSE to being ready, mentally or physically or materialistically, but it was...you know, kind of exciting! excluding the whole possible C section factor! lol.

Not to worry, I guess. only two months to go and that will probably turn out to not be enough time. I guess I should shut up about it!

Jun. 6th, 2007


the nursery & do I need a C Section?

So I finally decided on a nursery decor, and it’s added to my registry, and I’m not going to change it or pick at it or anything like I have a thousand times over since I started the damn thing a month ago. I’m just going to leave it...

the bed set

some storage baskets – I like both colors

The changing pad cover. Even if I wanted to add the pink one instead (which I did at first) it shows up on my registry as the blue one. oh well!

The bedset doesn’t include a toy bag, but this one seems to match.

Blue gingham hamper

I think everything matches. I like the bedset because too much pink can be overwhelming, and this way I can decorate in various shades of pink, blue, and lilac. As you can see I’ve gone with blue, but if I change my mind, the hamper comes in pink gingham so I can easily switch that around. I just don’t want there to be too much pink!

In some interesting baby growth developments, I had my checkup on Monday. I gained 1 ½ pounds in the last two weeks which brings my total gain to 16.5 lbs. pretty awesome! My stomach also grew from 30 inches to 33 inches. Apparently the norm around 29 weeks is 30 inches, and when the OB felt around to get a heartbeat, she must have noticed a slight difference in size, because she ordered me an ultrasound, telling me that the baby is measuring “big”. Not the first time I’ve heard that-at the 4D ultrasound they said she looked pretty chunky, and Tony has always teased me that we’re going to have a fat little porker baby. But this was the first time a real medical professional commented on the size difference!

My brothers and I weren’t abnormally large, they were in the 8-9 pound range and I was more like 7. Tony and his sisters were fairly large; his younger sister was 9 on the dot and he was 8 lbs something or other. But his mom did have to have C sections for all their births; although that’s probably due to something genetic in her family.

The OB told me that she just wants to doublecheck the size of the baby to see if we need to schedule me for an early delivery.

Can she possibly be ANY more casual than that??

And she mentioned this just offhandedly at the end of my appointment as I was pulling up my pants post-heartbeat check. After months of hearing Tony’s teasing and Alma’s Csection stories, all I could do was laugh.

No point in getting all worked up though. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if the baby had to come early, although it would be a little bit of a shock.

and I guess with a Csection I could bypass all the risk of ending up with a stretched vagina, right? hahaha....er....yeah.

not that I’m HOPING for a C section. At all. I’m just putting any worries on hold until I find out what’s going on.

My ultrasound is tomorrow at 8:30 and hopefully they can let me know what’s going on and wont’ make me wait until my next doctor’s appointment (the 18th of June) to hear what the deal is. Although it will be my doctor who decides if any decisions/changes need to be made regarding my due date, at least the ultrasound tech can tell me if the kid is, in fact, huge.

Oh yeah! And our roommate moved out, taking his constantly-at-our-house-with-her-car-parked-in-front girlfriend with him. we’re living alone for the first time in over THREE YEARS. It’s so strange and I’ve had to break myself of habits I’ve developed, like hiding soda or food I don’t want the roommate to devour (he’s a mooch); keeping laundry detergent in our closet instead of the laundry room so that it doesn’t mysteriously empty itself; putting away other people’s dirty dishes despite having cleaned the kitchen myself just hours before.

It’s so NICE.

Over the weekend we went shopping and got a whole new kitchen set, our first ever, and decorated the kitchen and the living room. We cleaned the crap out of everything. Yesterday I cleaned out every single bathroom cabinet/drawer (filled up an entire garbage bag with crap) and mopped the floors. So maybe the nesting instinct is coming around after all.

I just want this damn house to feel like a HOME-not a temporary living situation.

May. 21st, 2007

evil genius

Doctor appointments

Latest Checkup Info:

  • Gained 4 lbs (putting me at 167 lbs with a total weight gain thus far of 15 lbs in seven months...a nice and even number. I still have 7 lbs to go before I hit my pre-Weight Watchers weight so I feel pretty good)
  • Belly measures 30 inches, a 5 inch growth from last month
  • Was screened for glucose test but I won’t know the results until my next appointment
  • Received Rhogam shot (look up information on RH negative women if you’re curious as to what that is) which hurt because they have to shoot it into the MUSCLE and not the vein-ouch-my arm still hurts & is pretty sore from that.

    My appointments are going to be every 2 weeks from now on, until the last month when I will see the doctor every week. Geesh!!

    I also need to meet with an HR representative very soon and decide how long of a leave I’ll be taking, and when exactly I’ll start it. How is a person supposed to decide that??

    Tick tock.
  • May. 18th, 2007


    4D Ultrasound

    We got it yesterday!

    The poor thing has my nose...ALL I wanted for her in life was to not have the famous Pendergraft nose...but I guess you can't fight destiny. Poor thing!

    She was moving around so quickly that she caused the amniotic fluid to ripple-hence the apparent wrinkles on her skin in this picture.

    folded up some more with her arms covering her face

    What the hell kind of position is that? my baby is very flexible.

    it's almost as if she knew how much this was costing us and wanted to block her face as much as possible.

    she looks so peaceful...

    There are a ton more on the CD, including one of her hoohah that confirms she is, in fact, a girl, but that's pretty much the gist of it. At the beginning of the U/S she was SO active every picture is a little blurry because she would not stop moving around. I would feel her kick, and since there is a delay w/the images a second later I would see her kick. It was so strange actually seeing her doing it! I was lying in a big bed w/a plasma TV screen in front of me that I could see the images on. They brought up the 4D images right away. So amazing!

    I've seen other people's 4D pictures where the face is more clearly defined-but she wouldn't hold still! After about 20 minutes the technician sent me to use the bathroom and when I came back the baby was asleep (allowing us to get all the pictures of her with her eyes closed). Two minutes later she woke up again and started kicking. But most of the time she was folded into the fetal position with her feet near my ribs, sucking on her feet and, at one point, stuffing her hand into her mouth.

    Pretty awesome stuff. Tony was there with me of course and the environment was great. Afterwards we drove to his mom's nearby office to show her, where she made herself and my mom a copy of the CD of images we received (along with two color photos, two black and white photos, a brochure of baby names, a little gift bag of baby formula/supplements and coupons). Everyone there said that they could see a lot of me in the baby which I was hoping against. I have always hated my nose and definitely did not want to pass it along to my offspring! but everyone said she was adorable and maybe her face will carry it better than mine does. Lol.

    All in all it was such a cool experience and I would definitely recommend it to any pregnant woman.

    May. 7th, 2007


    Just a few thoughts on motherhood...

    You know...

    I’m going to have a baby. An actual baby-like, a living breathing human being person thing that needs attention & changes of diapers and will wake me up in the middle of the night and want to eat from my boob. It’s all okay in theory, but yesterday it hit me for the first time that my reality is going to severely change. No more just running out to the store or the movies or leisurely browsing Barnes & Noble after getting off work or watching marathons of America’s Next Top Model on weekends or sleeping until noon on my days off. No more spending an hour doing my hair & makeup in the morning and having nobody else’s schedule to work around but my own. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I’m just now realizing that we’re going to have to take this baby everywhere we go; that there’s always going to be this third person around. And it’s so WEIRD!! In a way of course it’s very exciting because I’m excited to meet this person and carry her around (assuming the ultrasound was correct and I can use the term ‘her’) and dress her up and put cute little hats on her possibly bald head and all that stuff. I can’t wait to show her off at family gatherings and then whenever I want say “okay, gimme mah baby back!” I’m excited to share holidays with her. Never again will I celebrate a Christmas or Thanksgiving or even a 4th of July without a kid. From here on out I will have to actually start celebrating and planning for Halloween (trick-or-treating) and Easter (egg hunts), and of course there will be this new date every year that we’ll have to celebrate as the birthday of this new person. I’ll have to start frequenting entirely new aisles at the grocery store-and speaking of grocery stores, I’ll have to start making regular trips, not just sporadic visits when Tony and I run out of ground beef or milk. I’ll be pushing a cart around with this little baby in it. and it’ll be MY baby! People will look at me and see a mom. That’s something I can’t even see myself!

    Not to mention the important things like being responsible for my daughter’s religious and general education. And what about silly things like the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and Bloody Mary? (Just kidding about that last one; my family prefers the tale of Candy Man of course) I alone will have the responsibility of monitoring what enters my child’s brain as fact and what enters it as fiction; what’s important to remember and what values and morals she’ll carry into adulthood. Oh crap!

    I can close my eyes and see Tony and I with a kid in a few years, but the whole baby thing-the first few years of its life and making the transition to parenthood-is such a foreign idea that I can’t imagine it and I don’t think I’ll be able to until it’s actually happening.

    Which it will be soon-just over 13 weeks to go!!!! Oh dear...

    Apr. 24th, 2007


    I'm a big fat fatty!

    In my last post when I said that in less than three months I’d have a baby...I was wrong. I completely forgot to factor the month of May into the equation. May is, as you probably know, a throwaway month anyway. But I still have to count it. So I have just over three months until I have a baby. But that’s okay, I’ll take all the extra preparation time I can get. Hey, haven’t you heard that pregnancy makes you forgetful? Well, this is just another example I can add to my list-which already includes wearing flip flops to work (twice) and forgetting to put on foundation in the morning while doing my makeup.

    So my prenatal appointment was yesterday. I’m so used to going to the doctor and hearing that I’ve only gained a pound-I’ve even lost a pound at one point-but up until this point I’ve gained only 4 pounds. So yesterday when my doctor comes in the room and looks at my chart and says, ‘okay, you’ve gained seven pounds,’ my jaw dropped and I burst out laughing. I guess it had to happen at some point! The protruding belly I’ve seemingly developed overnight isn’t weightless, after all.

    So, in total, I’ve gained 11 pounds in six months of pregnancy. Perfectly okay, my doctor says, and normal and all that. They recommended I gain 15 lbs total which I thought would be easy (as up until now I’ve barely gained anything), but as I’m only 4 pounds now away from that mark, I’ll likely go over. In any case, I think it’s awesome that I weigh less at six months pregnant than I did a year ago before I started Weight Watchers. And I know I can lose the weight again, so I’m not at all worried about it. I just thought it was so funny because I expected the majority of my weight gain to occur in the last couple months when you’re supposed to be stuffing your face nonstop, and since there hasn’t been a significant change in my eating habits, the seven pounds was kind of shocking! I guess I’ll have to be careful if I don’t want to gain another seven pounds every month for the next 3-4 months. That would be another 28 pounds! EEK!

    Truth be told there’s really nothing I can do about it-I think my body is just going to do what it’s going to do. Obviously I can’t eat junk 24/7 and expect to keep my weight down, but I don’t think if I eat fruit and veggies all day that I’m going to avoid gaining either. Oh well! For someone who’s spent their whole life 20-30 pounds overweight, I’m surprisingly okay with this process. I’ll deal with whatever I need to deal with in September-after the baby’s born. Trust me when I say I’ll be back in the Weight Watchers weigh-in line with my mom every Monday night while my dad watches the kid!

    In further development news, my belly also grew 6 inches, from 19 to 25. So I’m getting there!

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